1) Improve your technique (on a daily or weekly base)
Before being an instructor; the instructors were students or participants that trained regularly to improve their technique in detail, speed, endurance and range of motion. Get trained by and professional or train at least 2 times a week on your own technique so you stay an inspiring role model.


2) Prepare Your Class
Create a class structure that you can easy turn into a new class. Your focus during you class should be on coaching the participants and creating an experience, not on what your next move is going to be. Be in the moment and enjoy.


3) Be Representative
Be aware of the colors of the clothes you wearing, how you walk and talk. Use sharp and happy colors like yellow, green, orange, red, orange, so you will stand out in the room. Don’t be shy, when you walk in to the room people should directly notice you. Act like the professional that you are of fake it until you make it.


4) Say Hi to everyone!
Say hi to your participants, other clients, your colleagues and even the cleaner. Again: when you walk through the door, people should directly notice you. Also be interested in your participants and get them motivated before the class starts. Show personal interest by asking them how they feel, why they are in your class, how school is going etc.


5) Train your participants, NOT YOURSELF
As you could read in point one, schedule your own workouts! When you don’t have to be the example and people can do it on their own, stop moving and COACH! The best instructors do not sweat, they coach. You sweat in your own time!


6) Create an experience
Only hardcore training can be boring. With only entertaining you will not achieve physical results. So it is the art of combining training with entertainment, like we call it “EnterTraining”. Be as clear in your explanation like a politician and motivational like a quizmaster. Also know the right way to use music, and if you don’t then you should definitely follow a course.


7) Have Interaction!
Let people count, let them say kiai! or hey!, ask and let them react. Not only let them be a part physically but most importantly is that they take part emotionally. Push them, make them laugh and let them cry of happiness.